Artist Impressions

Artist Impressions

Our architectural visualisations are distinguished by their exceptional realism and stunning composition. As such, we are convinced that the perspective of the rendering, the use of light and the design of the image are crucial to the production of a high quality artist’s impression.

These are specialisms our architects, interior designers and 3D artists master better than anyone. Our architectural visualisation studio is therefore held in high regard by our clients.

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3D Animaties

De Beeldenfabriek has been a market leader in the Netherlands in the field of 3D animations for many years, and we work hard to maintain this position.

Our team consists of authentic filmmakers - a script writer, an animator and an art director ensure each 3D animation for your architectural project, product presentation, technical visualisation or commercial is cinematically perfect and always showcases your product clearly and persuasively.

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Product visualisatie

At Beeldenfabriek, we create compelling product visualizations and animations for your products. Our 3d experienced experts bring your product to life and emphasize its quality and functionality in a clear and attractive way. The benefits are endless: colors and materials can be easily adjusted, and we can work with virtually all supplied 2D or 3D files. Our product renderings save time and costs and give your development process a boost. Check out some examples on our website and feel free to contact us for more information."

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After a year of development, we proudly introduce SmartView. Watch our video of less than a minute and be amazed by the unprecedented possibilities. SmartView is already putting your project on the map! For more information, please contact us.

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Spotlight ®

Spotlight ®

SPOTLIGHT® is the virtual presentation tool for your yet-to-be-built real estate project. Interactive and user-friendly for the potential buyer and your sales team. Experience the project area and the homes in a very appealing way. SPOTLIGHT® really puts your project in the spotlight and can be implemented in your project website in no time.


Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

It’s as if you’re right there! Buyers can walk around freely in a reality that does not (yet) exist and see what a completed home or extension has to offer them. With a better idea of the options, it’s much easier to make decisions in the preparatory phase. We produced a very convincing virtual reality living experience for the wireless Samsung GEAR vr and Google Cardboard with almost unlimited options.

In addition to housing applications, the virtual reality experience also lends itself to offshore and industry applications, as well as ships and luxury yachts.

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2D & 3D Plattegronden

2D & 3D Plattegronden

A stylish and practically furnished home, apartment, or commercial space can also be visualised based on a floor plan to provide a light, schematic impression of the layout options. De Beeldenfabriek has 12 interior designers who, in addition to being highly qualified, understand current living trends and can relate to the target group. The end result is always an appealing and compelling image.

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