From concept to finished product in 4 steps

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Our process is designed to be fast and convenient

We are acquainted with the frenzy of activity when a project is put on the market. That's why we organized our process in such a way that you experience maximum speed with minimum resistance. Alongside our team, you will be a co-creator throughout the process of lighting, composition and design. Our digital dashboard ensures short lines of communication and fast feedback. On this page we would like to give you an overview of our 4-step plan. In the video on the right, we explain exactly how our feedback system contributes to the speedy completion of your project.


Input and planning

After the quotation is approved, one of our interior designers will contact you to collect further information regarding the style, target group and other necessary details. This gives a clear picture of what is expected from us. The more extensive this information is, the better we can meet your needs.

Further on, we create a special Pinterest page, where you can choose from various styles or get inspiration. Together we ensure that the input is complete so we can get started and set the path to a good result.


Viewpoints and lighting

This phase is all about the choice of camera position and lighting scenario. Based on the 3D model, we create a series of viewpoints which illustrate the space in optimal fashion. These preview images are supplied in a white material and without textures in order to maintain the focus on the viewpoint. Some white furniture is placed to properly reflect the scale of the space and give an indication of possible use. The choice and placement of this furniture is not final and will be replaced during furnishing.

To get you involved in this selection process quickly and effectively, you can submit comments about a particular position or the lighting via our dashboard. If you are satisfied with the views, you can select and confirm them in the dashboard.


Preview furnished interior

After choosing the viewpoints, we start designing the interior based on the input from the first phase. We apply the right furniture, materials, textures and lighting, therefore visualizing a large part of the end result.

This phase includes a number of correction rounds in which you can make comments via the dashboard regarding furniture, materials and lighting. If the impression is approved after processing the comments, confirm this in our dashboard and we will proceed to the final stage.


Post-production and final result

In this final phase we take care of the post-processing the impression, giving more realism, flavor and the final touch to the image. All materials, textures and lighting come to life and together ensure an attractive end result. You will receive this image in the dashboard for a final approval. With your final agreement, we will deliver the images to you in high resolution.